Fabia Claudia and Claudia Fabia

Fabia Claudia and Claudia Fabia in a novel version.

Fabia Claudia and Claudia Fabia



Unremarkable events of daily life (and not only) in a Roman camp, related through a real cives point of view. Guided by a skilled and ambitious proconsul bound to write History, betrayals, subterfuges, plots and stories alternate, all this with a single aim: Vercingetorige’s surrender, barricaded in Alesia.

Fabia Claudia and Claudia Fabia, two gourgeous cousins pleading the same cause (and the same man), are sent, along with their husband, on a perilous mission: to mislead Vercassivellauno, a relative of Vercingetorige’s, in order to learn about the enemies’ vulnerabilities. Thanks to Fabia Claudia and Claudia Fabia’s talent, the insignificant and forgotten events of unknown heroes come to connect intimately with the great history of Roman dominion over populations.

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