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La Novella Orchidea

Seriously involved with his conjugal obligations, in the second half of the last century, an unknown writer unexpectedly finds himself copulating with a wonderful, Indian, curry flavoured woman. Her name is Adhal Geesha (letter more letter less), she’s married to a well known faithless and adulterous man, and she wants revenge; besides she is a time traveller. The two characters, embarking on an increasingly intense affair, get to bend the creases of space, through the creases of sex, up to being hurled into the middle of the infamous naval battle, during which Nelson ends up winner at Cape Trafalgar. Will our heroes succeed in reaching their orgasm, thanks to which they’ll be able to go back to life, to their era, returning from death? Or, will someone else pay for their erotic deceit?

Formato Fumetti
Lingue EN
Anno 2019
Genere Storico
Prezzo 3,99 €
Traduttrice Alessia Bettini
Illustratore Calogero Burgio
Traduzioni IT, FR, ES
Varianti Ebook
Opera tutelata su con numero di registro 100823
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