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La Novella Orchidea

An eBook, a comic book and an audiobook for May

This May does not yet have the trappings of fine weather for much of Italy, but we must be confident in the arrival of summer! In the meantime, let us enjoy together a story, a comic strip and an audiobook for the month of May.

Evalyn Everton: dangerous cave trip

If a handsome stranger invites you to go with him to visit a mysterious ravine… can you resist? Apparently not if your name is Evalyn Everton, but in his defence the stranger has many weapons at hand! The tale, from an apparent everyday life, will take you to the discovery of the innermost secrets of good and evil, ending with a reflection on the true nature of the human and the divine.

Find out more about ‘Evalyn Everton’ on the dedicated page of the website.

The Sparrow Kawk: comic strip based on a (sad) true story

Unfortunately, not every story can be cheerful and light-hearted, and the problem of violence against women is so deep and multifaceted that it also presents itself in unexpected situations. Here, however, the tool of the comic strip makes it possible to exorcise evil and, why not, draw some lessons from it, as well as some justice. “The Sparrow Hawk” is a full-colour comic strip, drawn by the skilful hand of Marco Visentin, who has put all his art into depicting even the saddest events, but with a (small) happy ending.

Come and discover ‘The Sparrow Hawk’ at this link.

Rava Nei: kingdom with built-in court drama

While in the tranquil kingdom of ‘Rava Nei’ everything goes smoothly, the mysterious disappearance, on the wedding night, of the princess throws everyone into a panic. We then rush to look for traces of it and discover disturbing connections with a particular wedding thalamus. In addition, even more disturbing details about the princess’ acquaintances will come to light. And an alien will also arrive.. A real alien, in the flesh, aboard a real spaceship and floating above the kingdom. What is he doing there and what message has he come to bring? What is he looking for? You will only find out by listening to this decidedly over-the-top story.

Find out more about “Rava Nei” in the dedicated section.

That’s all, see you in a month with summer tips!


Dopo una lunga esperienza nella gestione dei forum e un'esperienza editoriale triennale a tutto campo in una redazione digitale, gestisco da nove anni la promozione della collana digitale "La Novella Orchidea".
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