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La Novella Orchidea

La Novella Orchidea was born in 2014 from an idea of Ricardo Tronconi, a doctor by vocation but a writer by passion. It is a series of eBooks, audiobooks and comics that includes all the author’s published works and collaborations with other professionals (translators and illustrators). To date, it has more than one hundred publications in five languages (Italian, Spanish, French, English and Chinese) and in different formats (eBooks, audio-books, comics and illustrated stories).

The erotic tales in La Novella Orchidea are inspired by everyday life. The motif of the novellas stems from the troubled relationship of a couple (which in not rare cases is triple or quadruple), often weighed down by rigid morals and an insane religious upbringing. A lively sensuality and biting irony attempt to combat these stereotypes through a variety of literary genres.

Intentionally nothing is said about the author, Ricardo Tronconi.

He considers his writings more significant than his autobiographical notes. Have fun imagining who he tells as you like; what matters is that the time spent in his company is a pleasant moment of reflection on things human and divine.


Publishing editors

Lorenza Tronconi
Valentina Tronconi

Social Media Manager

Silvio Carnassale

Web Developer

Matteo Mantovani



Alessia Bettini (translator)
Leslie Rabinowitz (advisor)


Martina Guglielmi


Mattéo Renard
Silvia Lobertini


Mia Li (translator)
Leonardo Hsu (advisor)



Marco Visentin
Calogero Burgio

Graphic novels

Silvia Parolini

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